Woman received death threats for flaunting lockdown weight gain

One woman who proudly showed off her lockdown body weight gain has reportedly received death threats from social media users who found her post inappropriate.

Chloe Xandria shared on TikTok how her body has changed since the start of 2020. In a viral clip, she showed how she had put on some weight but was proud of her body for supporting her through the difficult time.

Woman received death threats for flaunting lockdown weight gain

Chloe also revealed that she used to struggle with an eating disorder and is now much healthier. In the video, Chloe held up her T-shirt to show the front of her stomach and her back.

She said we need to start ‘normalising normal bodies’. The message resonated with many, with the video being watched more than two million times.

Despite the body-positive content, others took the opportunity to fat-shame Chloe and left nasty messages to her.

Some even sent her death threats, she revealed on Instagram.

Chloe wrote:

‘I have gotten numerous death threats for posting this, as well as so many nasty comments about myself and my family. ‘I have turned the comments off on my video. I want to thank all of you who have shown me so much love and support. I will continue to fight to normalise all bodies.’

Chloe shared some of the horrible messages she received but still continued to spread body positivity.

She wrote:

‘The right is my body after six months of quarantine and after my last semester of senior year was taken away from me, but mentally in a WAY better place.

‘Maybe you put on a few pounds over quarantine, too. Just remember to give yourself some grace. At times, food was one of the only things that acted as a form of comfort. Through baking and tasting new recipes, I was able to comfort myself in difficult times.’

On her Instagram, Chloe also shared images of her stretch marks, commenting how normal it is for people to have them. She encouraged others to see their bodies as strong, powerful tools that supported them during unprecedented times.


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