WhatsApp chat of a lady informing a man she just met that she’s pregnant for him surfaces (Screenshots)

Viral chat of a lady informing a guy she met a few months ago that she’s pregnant for him.

A WhatsApp conversation between a girl and a guy she met a few months ago has gone viral, eliciting mixed reactions from social media users.

According to reports, the two met on Twitter months ago and had sexual intercourse when they finally met in person. However, because the woman had missed her period, she decided to take a pregnancy test, which revealed that she was pregnant.

She told the guy in the chat that her period was late and that if she didn’t see it the next day, she was going to do a PT, but he dismissed her and said he didn’t care.

She told him she was pregnant after taking the test, but he denied responsibility and accused her of trying to pin the pregnancy on him.

The chat was shared on Twitter by @postsubman with the caption, “Conversation between a lady and a guy she met on twitter few months ago.”

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