Vote for who has knowledge of business or economy – Pastor Oyakhilome

Ahead of the General elections in Nigeria, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has told Nigerians to vote for who has a knowledge of business or economy.

The Christ Embassy founder who spoke at his church’s monthly communion service on Tuesday, called on Nigerians to be wise and not vote based on ethnic influences.

Vote for who has knowledge of business or economy – Pastor Oyakhilome lailasnews 2
Vote for who has knowledge of business or economy – Pastor Oyakhilome

According to him, Nigerians should ensure they participate in this year’s general elections, and vote for competent leaders.

Pastor Chris who noted that Nigeria needed a government that understands how to make the economy grow, urged Christians to avoid using the candidacy of a ‘born again’ to make their decisions.

”I want to say this to you, and it’s very important. Don’t be guided by ETHNIC influences. Be wise! The elections have something to do with your LIFE & your Future.

”Sometimes people are excited about those they want to bring into office. I don’t know whether they ask themselves the most important question. – Are you going to be happy in 4 years time? Do you like a candidate because he is likable? Or do you want a Candidate because he or his running mate is from your area of the country?

”They are together because of their ethnic origin, but then they decided they are backing a particular party. Its like Hausa’s would support this candidate, the Igbo’s would support this candidate. Christians don’t think like that.

”When it comes to elections, the first thing you think about is about the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST. What would happen to it? Because it is in your hands. Your decision would affect the Gospel. That’s the first thing that should come to your mind. – Seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness. That’s priority.

”Now, I don’t in this way mean at all that the candidate that is born again is the right candidate. My knowledge of history have shown me that the Church have suffered most in the hands of supposedly Christians.

”But the guy that generally had the fear of God, and didn’t know anything about being born again, he feared God more and was afraid to do anything against the CHURCH.

”When you have a born again, he was the one that started a regulation against the church. They went into office to do something against the Church, like the church was the problem.

”Don’t use the candidacy of a born again to make a decision. Not at all.

”You need a government that understands how to make the economy grow. Because when you elect people into office they are responsible for managing our corporate wealth.”

”Anybody who has never run a business successfully, who has never led people successfully cannot lead a nation successfully.

”You cannot expect someone who has never manage the economy of an organization to manage the economy of a Nation. It is foolishness to think so.

”All the candidates have records. Don’t use records of what other people said about them. Use records of what the country was like,” he added

'The number of hours you give Church is the number of hours you have left' - Pastor Oyakhilome (Video)


  1. In Nigeria that may not be possible cos our politicians are full time politicians and when elected they play politics throughout the 4 years since they lack management and admin. know-how and that’s why they keep shouting re-structure from my exposure we have one of the best structure in place but to implement forecasting, controlling, coordinating and organising no way; except wearing starched agbadas all over the place . . . .

  2. Well say Sir, the problem now is the two political parties are ready to rig the election but I know God is bigger than anyone and I pray God help us to choose the right person comes on the 16.

  3. Either we vote for the person that has knowledge of business or not, all we are praying for is that they should do well when they get there

  4. You have spoken now let’s see who nigerians will choose, whether we like it or not nigerians are easily deceived by sweet words politicians the hate to hear or know the truth. Only blinded by their present needs.

  5. I totally agree with you….nigerians be wise!!! Vote a righteous man with knowledge. The bible says when an evil man is leading the people groan and run into hiding. But when the righteous is on the throne there is complete peace.

  6. Well done sir, u have said it well and I believe that everyone that has seen it will take action towards working to the best of the country

  7. I agree with you 100%. Someone whose antecedents has been failure all through has honestly got no biz leading a nation take it or leave it. A word is enough for the wise

  8. Why dont you tell the person to vote? Stop being a politician logically, we have resolved to vote PMB

  9. finally a real man of God being totally neutral about the politics thanks so much for the advice sir

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