Video vixen Joy Ezenobie dies – Report

A popular Nollywood actress and video vixen, Joy Ezenobie dies.

Video vixen Joy Ezenobie dies – Report

According to reports, Joy died on the 14th of June, 2019, after she underwent a fibroid operation, which was not successful

The video vixen before her demise featured in many soap operas and music videos, including Davido’s smash hit, Dodo.

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Nigerians have taken to social media to react to her death;

*** Awwwww our love portion lady? Death is awful. Rest in peace darling, may heaven welcome you.

*** definitely her size played a major role. I’m also orobo before people think I’m body shaming. Surgery and obesity can be very high risk. It is well

*** Fibroid surgery still causing death in 2019?? Nigerian hospitals!!!!!!

*** Awwww😢😥🤕 rest in Peace Dearie.. This is to tell everyone that we all have battles we dealing with, Be kind to people around you

*** RIP eyaaa … did she do the operation in nigeria??? I dey fear these fake naija doctors o

*** This is sad… too many people studying medicine in Nigeria when it’s not their passion.. health care in Nigeria is just 👎👎 May her soul RIP

*** Awwwwwn mehn. Rest in peace angel. In my line of business I’ve seen soooo many women with fibroids who are afraid of surgery. They would rather drink concoctions and use different prescriptions than get surgery. Imagine the kind of fear this would put in their hearts now


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