US based Cameroonian journalist shares his experience with Nigerians

A US based Cameroonian journalist, who once lived in Nigeria, has shared his experience with some Nigerian women he met on a subway in Washington D.C, USA.

US based Cameroonian journalist shares his experience with Nigerians lailasnews 3

According to Simon Ateba, he realised the women were speaking the Yoruba language and he decided to engage them in a conversation.

In his narration on Facebook, he wrote about his time in Nigeria and how he was adopted by a family in Osun State, despite not being a Nigerian.

Read below what he shared on Facebook.

I just met 6 Nigerian women from Ogun State. Because they seemed a bit lost in the subway, and were speaking Yoruba, I knew those were my people. So I took it upon myself to direct them. After all the good things Nigeria did for me, this was too little to pay back.

It turned out that one of them almost married my former boss at the News Magazine in Lagos, she told me. It was their reunion 40 years after high school. I told them I was born in Cameroon but adopted by a Yoruba family from Osun State called the Onis.

I told them one of my best friends is Yoruba and hey, I was just with your governor recently at the White House when he accompanied the President and met with the President himself in New York last September.

Convinced I was one of them, they agreed to take a selfie with me. I am now Nigeria’s best ambassador in the world. I am an umpaid ambassador because they paid me for 10 years. I thank God.

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