Three year old girl allegedly raped by her father in Ibadan

Social media user, Karimot Odebode recounted how a father allegedly raped his 3 year old daughter in Ibadan and how her mother is crying out for justice for her child.

According to Karimot, the father raped his daughter at least two times before her mother knew that was what he had done to her the first time. The little girl’s mother is now reportedly being threatened by her family and husband and she currently has no safe place to stay.

Three year old girl allegedly raped by her father in Ibadan

She wrote;

A 3years old girl was raped by her own father here in Ibadan.

The mother first noticed on June 4, 2020 when she left the girl with her father in the room. When she came back into the room, she noticed the sleeping girl’s trouser was down and there was a funny smell.

Immediately, she entered the room. The man left the room and didn’t reply her questions. Since June 4, she became conscious of her children and devised a plan with her younger sister who stays in the house with them.

The plan was if she wasn’t around, the children must be in the sister’s room with the door locked from inside. This, they have been doing as they live in a two bedroom apartment. Unfortunately, few days after, the woman was out for few minutes.

The younger sister had left her own room to use the bathroom without telling the children to lock the door from inside the room. When the sister entered, she noticed the 3years old girl wasn’t in the room but came in from the parent’s bedroom where the father was. When the mother came in, the sister told her what happened within the few minutes she was out.

The mother checked the girl and what she saw shocked her (I was moved to tears when I saw the pictures). The 3 years old girl’s vagina was red and wide, and this same funny smell was there. The woman was distraught and started crying. Immediately she called an older aunt who is a matron at an hospital in Calabar.

Her response was shocking, she told the woman to keep mute about it as every family has their own problem. However, she could not. She immediately went ahead to the Civil Defence office here in Ibadan where she reported on June 17.

They arrested the husband but he was released on June 23 despite us telling them not to release him on the ground that the safety of the woman and her children was at risk. The woman had earlier left the house with her two children and her sister to hide in her cousin’s house to the discomfort of the children who are not used to this kind of lifestyle. (6 people in a room).

When we got to the Civil Defence office on Monday right before they released the man. They promised they were going to invite him to their office back on Wednesday but it’s quite unfortunate that they’ve not been responsive on that.

A medical examination has been done on this young girl by a state hospital here in Ibadan. During a not so intensive therapy, the girl who has a slight speech defect said “daddy put his popo here (signaling her vagina). The hospital gave her antibiotics and some other drugs.

Now, to the issue. Since this happened, this woman have been receiving various calls from family members who have been telling her to keep shut and come to the Village. Some even told her it is a norm for a father to sleep with his daughter in Calabar (which is a blatant lie).

The most shocking development this afternoon is that of her own mother. The woman pestered her that she wanted to see her and the children. The mother travelled from Cross River to Ibadan yesterday and insisted on knowing where they were putting up at the moment

Unfortunately, this afternoon the mother herself started a propaganda that she checked her grand daughter and there was opening but it wasn’t a fresh one and insinuated that it most probably be from school. The mother took it upon herself to tell her to desist from getting justice for her daughter as she will be the one to be jailed.

They’ve been pestering this woman to come to the village with her two children and told her cousin to throw her out of her house.(the cousin refused) All this woman wants is justice for her little girl but it seems every force including family are set to break her. She is currently in confusion and trying as much as possible to be strong.

Scratch that, she is strong. When I held her, I saw a woman who is ready to defy “love” and society for justice for her daughter. She said that is what she owe her daughter and any other young girls out there.

But it’s quite unfortunate that her family are more concerned in her returning to her paedophilie rapist husband who she has been married to for 7 years. This man works in a reputable company here and has many people pulling their weight behind him.
The system isn’t helping too.
Please,this is a distress call! @StandtoEndRape

This woman needs justice and every kind of support she can get for her child.
We have filed a report with evidences. And a medical examination has been done.

Update: I just finished speaking with her and her cousin. They said between the space of 30 minutes, so many threatening calls have been made to them. Please, she needs a place to put up for their safety as her mother knows their whereabout

Three year old girl allegedly raped by her father in Ibadan

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