The FBI Just Warned U.S. Businesses About a Very Disturbing Covid-19 Risk

The coronavirus has claimed over a hundred thousand lives, and according to the FBI, some people have seen the pandemic as an opportunity to commit fraud.

The FBI Just Warned U

The FBI’s Office of Private Sector warned businesses that it’s seen multiple reports of employees using fake doctors notes and other documentation to back up false claims of having been diagnosed with Covid-19.

The disturbing act is not only going to get the untrustworthy employee a sick leave, but also going to cost the business loads of cash.

The FBI described an unnamed “critical manufacturing company” at which an employee claimed to have tested positive for Covid-19, and turned in “what appeared to be documentation from a medical facility.”

“In response,” the FBI said, “the company shut down the affected manufacturing facility to disinfect the location, ceasing production and halting delivery of necessary materials to the plant. The company notified all employees at the facility, including four workers who had close contact with the reportedly infected employee and were required to self-quarantine.”

Ultimately, the employer became suspicious and realized that the documentation the employee turned in was bogus, the FBI said.

The company intimately lost $175,000 due to lost productivity, according to the FBI.

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