Speed Darlington arrested for having a crusher in car

Nigerian singer Speed Darlington was earlier today arrested by the police for having a crusher in his car while on his way to the airport.

He went live on Instagram during the incident.

The singer who reiterated that there was no weed in the car, was heard asking the police officers who threatened to hand him over to NDLEA what his crime was.

Speed Darlington who disclosed that he had a premonition of having an issue with law enforcement officers before leaving the house, also wondered if he was arrested for having money in his car.

He also revealed that the female passenger in the car is his neighbor who saw him being accosted by police officers and intervened.

Speed Darlington also disclosed that the only issue he has is refunding the money he was paid to appear for an event he was going to. He added that all his car documents are complete and he is still under the grace period for registration

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