Slum2School code week powered by Interswitch: Every Child Deserves Decent Education

Slum2School code week powered by Interswitch ran from Tuesday, October 22 to Friday, October 25 at Adekunle Anglican Primary School, Lagos.

Whoever says Africans cannot solve Africa’s problems? Well, they couldn’t be more wrong!

Slum2School code week powered by Interswitch

Thirty students who reside in Makoko, but attend various secondary schools in Lagos, assembled for four days, from Tuesday, October 22 to Friday, October 25 at Adekunle Anglican Primary School, Lagos, for the Slum2School code week powered by Interswitch.

Throughout the week, staff of Interswitch Group; the company responsible for the conceptualization, building and management of the Slum2School STEM Innovation Lab, took out time to teach the children how to code, as well as enlighten them on the career opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

The aim of Interswitch is to actively promote STEM education, especially among Nigerian secondary school students.

In its commitment to grooming Africa’s next generation of problem solvers, Interswitch built and continues to manage the STEM Innovation Lab. This goes to show that education and the adoption of STEM subjects are critical in Interswitch’s CSR focus.

With the strong belief that every child deserves a decent education, Interswitch does not just stop at sponsoring the Slum2School project, it has also created an internal culture whereby its staff are committed to driving the objective.

Slum2School code week powered by Interswitch 3

This was very evident in the excitement and thoroughness with which the members of staff took the children through coding, website building and career talk.

While the reality of coding, access to internet and knowledge of the benefits of technology might seem far from being commonplace for children living in the slum, the emergence of Slum2School Innovation Lab in the Makoko environs shattered the glass ceiling.

During the Coding Week, the beneficiaries from Makoko community learnt how to code, build websites and were laid open to the immense career opportunities available in STEM.

The first three days of the Code Week had tech professionals from Interswitch volunteering to teach the students how to code and build websites.

It was a beautiful experience for both the volunteers and the children. The children learnt so fast – building websites and coding in just three days!

Everyone looked forward to the final day, to showcase their beautiful work to the top Interswitch executives.

Slum2School code week powered by Interswitch

The final day of the Slum2School code week eventually came and all the children were excited, delicately putting finishing touches to the work they had done in the preceding three days.

On hand to inspect the works of the students, were Interswitch staff, including the Group Head, Corporate Segment, Enyioma Anaba. The team inspected all the children’s work after which Enyioma gave a short speech. The speech was mind blowing, as all the kids listened with rapt attention.

Slum2School code week powered by Interswitch 4

The Slum2School code week ended beautifully! The children could not contain their excitement and gratitude as they thanked Interswitch and Slum2School for the amazing opportunity.

Watch beautiful video from the just concluded Slum2School code week!

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