Singer Don Jazzy joins #StingyMenAssociation

The hashtag, #StingyMenAssociation is currently trending on Twitter and Nigerian singer Don Jazzy, has joined the association.

Nigerian men has formed an association called the #stingymenassociation (SMAN) on Twitter, as they revealed they are tired spending and giving their money to women.

Men who join the association take pride in being sting to women especially women who always ask them for money, as they formed the group in order to block billing fashioned against them by Nigerian girls.

The #stingymenassociation even have a motto “I will see what I can do”, as members of the group are already making ID card to prove their membership.

Singer Don Jazzy shared photos of his ID card , while announcing on Monday, January 11, that he has officially joined the #stingymenassociation.



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