Side chick shares experience with a married man as she advises women

Side chick advises ladies against married men as she shares experience with a married man.

A Nigerian side chick who requested anonymity shared her story with Blessing Okoro, a popular relationship blogger, as she frowned at the compliment she received from a married man she is dating.

Noting that the married man severely abuses his wife, the side chick admitted to receiving excessive love in her relationship with the man.

When she summoned the courage to ask why he was abusive to his wife, she received the following shocking response: “she be mumu, she no get sense, but you get sense.”

Despite claiming that she is not proud to be the man’s sidechic, she advised married women to sit up, while also expressing her fear of marriage.

“Good day Blessingceo, I am a loyal follower please keep me anonymous. I am a side chick but not the bad side chick that likes to snatch o,I met the married man from business and we started dating and having sex, but he treats be better than his wife, he abuse his wife so bad, talk to her anyhow and it got me so worried, this has nothing to do with us or our sexlife, he just enjoyed abusing her. 

“So one day I asked him why he does not respect his wife, and he laughed and said, she be mumu, she no get sense but you get sense. I was really shocked, but she is loyal, then he said yes she is loyal but loyalty is not foolishness, my wife is too foolish. I was shocked. I am not proud to be his side chick, but if this is what it takes yo be a wife, I will maintain my position. Wives are really suffering in marriage. Just sharing my experiences Blessingceo it has nothing to do with us outside,women need to sit up.”

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