Should I quit the relationship over this my girlfriend’s behaviour? Man asks

A Nigerian man, who is not certain of whether to quit the relationship with his new girlfriend over her strange behaviour has taken to a Nigerian forum to seek for help.

In his post he mentioned that his girlfriend doesn’t apologise, even when she is wrong and she seems to be keeping late night with friends, whom she feel are more important to her than her relationship with him.

Should I quit the relationship over this her behaviour Man asks lailasnews 2
Should I quit the relationship over this her behaviour Man asks

Read his post below:

Hello guys….

I’m gonna be brief as possible…so I met this girl 6 months ago online and we fell inlove after getting closer to each other then we started dating. I noticed she’s a kind of lady that enjoys slaying and keeping female friends which are not really presentable to me. I talked to her about it she said they are just friend and their mode of dressing doesn’t define who they are.

I overlooked it and stopped mentioning stuffs like that to her even tho I didn’t like it but just to make peace reign because she’s a type that gets upset when I try to correct her so sometimes I apologize even tho she’s wrong Because I love her and have waited a long time to get into a relationship after my heart was messed up by my ex last year. So I just kept pampering her and tolerating her attitudes.

We stay far from each other she stays at ikorodu while I stay at Abulegba so we don’t get to see often she was suppose to come visit me on sat 8th of this month considering that we’ve not seen in a month due to her busy schedule according to her, but she gave me an excuse of her going to her friend’s birthday party she can’t afford to miss as a understanding guy I said “no problem even tho I’ll miss you but I got no choice”

So throughout that Saturday I heard from her only at night asking her how she was she told me she was weak so I told her to get some rest. The next day which was Sunday we spoke after church service on phone briefly and then to my surprise.

She started uploading video of her in a concert with Nigerian top artists performing I was shocked I asked her if she went to a concert the previous night she said yes then I asked why she didn’t tell me even though we have spoken after then. She said she’s sorry then I told her “ok”

She started nagging and asking me why I was giving her the attitudes by simply saying “ok” she said her friend took her to the concert around 12am(my people is that possible her girlfriend took her to concert on the island by 12am no be say car Dey oo)

I said ok even if that was the case why didn’t you tell me, she said she forgot!!! Like wtf? You forgot? I mean we’re supposed to even see each other I don’t have problem with her going out but she didn’t accord me any respect now I’m thinking of quitting the relationship and the worst part is she’s claiming rights and not apologizing and this is someone that always claim to love me.

Please what should I do?


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