#SexforGrades journalist goes suicidal over alleged intellectual property theft by Kiki Mordi (video)

A journalist who is alleged to be one of the brains behind the BBC Africa’s #SexforGrades documentary has gone suicidal.

This happened after the journalist Ogechi accused another journalist and feminist activist Kiki Mordi, of alleged intellectual property theft after she won an award for the under cover documentary.

Ogechi claims her work and that of other journalist was allegedly hijacked by another journalist Kiki Mordi. She also claimed Kiki was not the brain behind the documentary.

Ogechi has posted a now viral video a couple minutes ago saying she’s sorry for what’s about to happen.

She also asked in another post she made on Twitter whether Cyanide or Ricin was the best way to die. Ogechi posted and disabled the comments on the video.

Watch video below;


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