“PDP would have become dictatorial if Buhari didn’t win in 2015” – Newly elected Chairman says

Newly elected National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Professor Iyorchia Ayu has said that the former ruling party would have become dictatorial or complascent if it did not lose power in 2015.

Addressing journalists in Abuja on Saturday November 6, Ayu said had the current ruling party lost, they would have thought that they are better than the PDP.

He said; 

“My priority is for the party to take power. Political parties priorities is always to win. Therefore, I reviewed the reasons why we lost power in 2015 and going to work to unite the party, to sharpen the programmes of the party, market the party to the Nigerian electorate in a way that they will be prepared to vote for us.

“In a democracy, it’s normal for political parties to lose power. If we didn’t lose power, may be, we would have become a dictatorship or become complacent.

“To believe in democracy…there must have been something we were doing wrong or must have done wrong that the Nigerian electorate shifted. But today, if we didn’t lose power, they won’t experience the policies and programmes of the other party. They would think there is something better than us. Thank God, we lost power. Today, Nigerian people know better.

“And I believe we will re-energize the party and take over power again, not only at the centre, but in Nigeria, there is a lot of attention taking power at the federal level. There was time PDP was controlling about 20 states. That has been reduced to 13.

“We hope and pray and we will work very hard to increase that number from 13 to control over 20 states, possibly, we will win the federal government. So, that is really my vision for this party. We will unite the party as I have said and I believe that very soon, we will have a very united, a very focused political party.”

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