Pastor shares pictures of the terrible accident his daughter survived

A pastor has shared the testimony of how his daughter survived a terrible accident that would have taken her life or rendered her useless.

Pastor shares pictures of the terrible accident his daughter survived

According to Bishop Randy Borders, his daughter, Hope Elizabeth Borders, got involved in an accident that saw her car somersault multiple times down a mountain. Fortunately for her, she survived the crash and walked out of the car with just a bruised rib caused by the tight seatbelt.

The pastor shared:

“This picture I just took of my daughter and I means more to me than I could ever explain. Yesterday (Friday) my daughter was in wreck four hours away from me. She rolled 3 or 4 times down a mountain. She walked away with only bruised ribs from seatbelt. Troopers did not expect her to be alive, let alone unhurt. All is well. She’s good. God is awesome. Loving on her today. Take a minute today and love on your family.”



  1. What a pretty damsel the devil wanted to destroy but god is the master planner am happy for ur redemption.thank god

  2. We don’t serve a dead God! He is the same yesterday, today and forever!…I’m so happy for you Bishop

  3. I know my Daddy (God), He will always protect His own. Daughter of Zion congratulations on ur deliverance. God has proved Himself in ur life once again, may His name be highly exalted.

  4. All glory to God Almighty,that car was really damaged.could have only been God.thank God for this awesome testimony

  5. God is great and knows what and how to show his mercy at any given time. Dear God just gave you another privilege to worship him on earth. Tell your friends how grateful you are

  6. Sometimes you just think about how great this God is. Watch the picture and you wonder which kind God be this

  7. Jehovah never let’s his people down…as a true servants in his temple He guides everything pertaining Him.praised God

  8. Sometimes, the existence of God is debatable but events such as this accident proves beyond doubt that God rules. Thank God that the pastor’s daughter survived.

  9. Wat an awesome God he is,he is indeed a loving and caring father,tank God for proving himself God once more

  10. Wow!!…..Glory be to God for his outstretched hand upon her life!!…..Wow!!….What a miracle, we must testify to the Goodness of the Almighty God.

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