Pamilerin Adegoke alleges plot by ‘APC mummy’ to get him arrested (Details)

Nigerian social media influencer, Pamilerin Adegoke, has taken to Twitter to claim that a woman – who he referred to as ‘APC mummy’ – is making moves to get him arrested.

Taking to his Twitter page, Pamilerin Adegoke, wrote that the said woman has submitted a petition against him with the case being transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti.

He wrote;

“Your APC mummy has written a petition against me and the case has been transferred to Panti. I’m waiting for them to issue warrant sha. Till then, let’s all be playing around. Ki olowa wa pelu wa”

Who is Pamilerin referring to and what is the case about?

Pamilerin Adegoke did not reveal the identity of who allegedly submitted the petition against him, neither did he reveal the details about the case.

A check on replies by his followers though pointed out that the back and forth had been on for some days now. They pointed out a tweet which he made on the 13th of February where he shared a screenshot of another tweet by user, @iyaboawokoya.

In the tweet, @iyaboawokoya can be seen requesting for Pamilerin’s contact details, a move he questioned. See what he wrote below;

I have no idea why @iyaboawokoya is looking for my contact details. While I’m not afraid of anything she may want to do, in these times of very poor security it is important for her to be held responsible if anything untoward happens to me.

How did people react to the alleged plot to arrest Pamilerin Adegoke?

See some reactions gathered by LailasNews below;

@ayonbody: Won’ni agba kii wa’loja kori omo tunrun wo. But our own leaders has become so useless and lost all the respect they deserve. All that is left for them is the power they possess which will surely fade away as they pass on.

@von_Bismack: See, it will take not less than 10yrs for the matter to reach supreme Court, by then Buhari is out now she will be nowhere to be found. Get a good lawyer and appeal everything even b4 it begins

@Daspecial100: Blackmailing strategy…which one be APC mummy? Your disagreement with her doesn’t involved political party, it’s personal. So solve the problem personally.

@JO_Messenger11: How petty can some old people be…if only police only handle matters it should handle will someone write a petition to panti all because someone called you atenuje abi wetin you call her self…anyways Sha police no kuku get work before

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