‘Only someone from the moon can defeat Buhari in 2019’ – Governor Masari says

Governor Masari of Katsina State who sat for an interview with Leadership Magazine, had a boast session with President Buhari in the forthcoming 2019 Presidential election.

'Only someone from the moon can defeat Buhari in 2019' - Governor Masari says lailasnews

According to Governor Masari who said all the possible presidential aspirants in the opposition party, PDP are known characters who will need a miracle to win the 2019 election, only someone from the moon can beat President Buhari in the election. Here are excerpts from the interview with Governor Masari below;

The opposition, PDP seems to be gaining good ground in the state ahead of 2019. What is your take on that?

Billboards and posters mean nothing. It is meant to confuse people. Do you know that if I take N10,000 and give them too and tell them to distribute any posters along the road, they will do it? Anybody who is a politician, we have already put instructions out, put your posters in your office. We don’t want to see posters and Billboards on the roads in Katsina State again, if you want to do it there is a price . Every outdoor advertisement has cost element to it. Go and pay and erect your billboard , rent an offfice. Don’t disfigure the city. If you go around Katsina from now, you will not see them again. We will remove everything, both APC, PDP and anybody.

If you are sure of yourself, go and rent an office, not rent almajiris and give them posters to spread on the roads, because the billboards across the roads have no ownership. Any advertisement of a political party that has ownership should be a building or a rented space by someone who believes. These are public highways, they belong to everybody. They are intended to confuse the ordinary person. If you had seen our congress on Saturday, you would have believed all these things are nonsense. In order to stop confusing people, we said everybody should remove their posters.

We were liberal and too democratic and people were abusing the privilege. We are not the cleanest city in Nigeria but we are among those who maintain and clean the environment. We will not allow people to continue disfiguring public properties because of our liberal nature .We have put a stop to it .Under the environment protection agency, we have the laws and we will invoke the necessary laws since people are becoming irresponsible.

We know a notorious person who is very keen and bought a printing press, since it is his printing press, he can print one million and give it to 5,000 people and give them N5,000 each and will put his posters across the state with less than one million. Tell me any prominent person that left APC for PDP but I can tell you from the speaker who was speaker for eight years ,Senators , House of Representatives, State Assembly, previous chairmen, councilors have all joined APC, so who is there in PDP? It’s on record.

The opposition party is mobilising, the intention is that they want to have a single candidate in 2019 that will challenge President Muhammadu Buhari, what’s your take on that?

Well, unless someone is going to come out from the ground, of all the people we are seeing lining up in the PDP, they are characters known to Mr President and all of us. We know their weight, capability and the resourcesfulness of all of them. Unless from the moon or from the ground, there is no one to match the integrity of Mr President. We are waiting for that miracle to happen but if these characters that are jumping from pillars to post, fortune hunters or power hunters, if you are talking about those kind of people, I am not the spokesman of the president but I assure you that the president is ready, and willing to confront them anytime, any day and anywhere.

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