Nigerians narrate their scary experiences with dead people

Nigerians on social media are coming out to talk about their experiences with dead family members.

In a thread about morticians which was started by a member of a forum, Nairaland, users on the platform wrote on their 1st hand experiences with the dead.

Nigerians narrate their scary experiences with dead people

The tweep had written on how it is mandatory for morticians to knock on the door of the rooms where dead bodies are kept before attempting to enter.

In what one might want to consider as mere fallacy and superstitious beliefs, some social media users corroborated the story and gave their own experiences with such supernatural occurrences.

Read some below:

There was a day when I and my cousin bro visited a morgue when my uncle died late last year, the mortician told us about a guy inside the morgue that whenever he keeps another dead person on top him, he will squeeze his face. That’s not even the issue, he said that the dead guy always pushes off anybody he keeps on him and whenever he does that his face will brighten up, he’ll be kinda smiing. The guy died in a ghastly motor accident

Another one

A driver once told me that he was carrying a dead body to the mortuary.. Suddenly on the highway, he look at the side mirror.. Una know Wetin him see na the dead man dey pursue the car oo.. Believe it or not shiit dey happen in this world and no be only here oo oyinbo get their own too… There is a saying in yoruba… Which says if pikin reach where fear dey he go tremble.. U never witness that’s why it’s a lie but when u don experience am, no body go teach u b4 u will start sharing testimony. I rise.

Dead man stopped vehicle from falling from a bridge

On going to Bury my dad, the driver missed the route and unknowingly we were headed for granite, dead end Road and then plunge, there were no Road signs, left Lagos early, still on the road 7.30pm. Immediately he approached/almost hit the heap of granite, the car stopped. Refuses moving, when the driver cam edown to inspect, he noticed it was a dead end Road and a bridge for that matter if we have used speed, it was bye bye.

Dead men went to buy food

Some guys came to buy moi moi (the one in peak milk can),paid the seller and while they were leaving they told the woman to come around this side and collect her tins.

When the woman finished selling,she was short on time,she now remembered that some guys told her to come around for her tins,she now found the tins on the door of the morgue,she parked her tins,she saw the chief mortician and narrated her story,the mortician asked her if she can recognise the guys,she affirmed ,the mortician opened the door and let her in,she saw the three guys lying on the floor with fragments of moi moi on their shirts.

Her head swelled up.

This is shocking

I witnessed something like dat wen we went fr road contruction at 1 village in Osun State near Ikirun.The head of dat village died overnite and dey wia moving d corpse from dat village to mortuary in Osogbo second day in d morning bt b new ‘hummer bumber’ dey wia using to conveying d corpse refused to moved despite d fact dat d bus was new and it was in good condition.

Dats what really caught everybody’s attention.It was like dat for some minutes until 1 of the chiefs entered the bus and talked to d corpse dat dey wia not moving him out of his village bt to preserved him until all his children and elders of the villages wia around for d befitting funerals dat he deserves and dat dey wia going to returned him back to his village fr final burial.Immediately d man came down,he ordered d driver to start d bus and d bus started working.

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