Nigerian YouTube Food Content Creators – Meet the top 5!

Meet the 5 Top Nigerian YouTube Food Content Creators.

Nigerian YouTube Food Content Creators

Food plays an integral part in our lives – from our wellbeing to our social norms, food features front and centre.

Apart from the health benefits, the memory of a delicious meal can linger forever. The aroma, the colours, the plating and the taste of the food, all work together to create a lasting experience.

Food is popular online too. You can hardly go on to any social media platform without being tempted by pics and videos of delicious food, prepared by amateurs and professionals. Food is embedded in the ways that we interact socially – we entertain guests, have business lunch meetings, dinner dates, and celebrate with food.

In Nigeria, there are some passionate food enthusiasts who are doing a wonderful job of creating and sharing food content online. They share food recipes, food hacks, tips and tricks on how to prepare delicious dishes and information that can help us make better cooking and eating decisions.

Nigerian YouTube Food Content Creators – Meet the top 5!

We picked 5 of our favourite YouTube food content creators that you should know about – check them out below:

  • Zeelicious Foods: Winifred Emmanuel’s Zeelicious Foods channel is dedicated to teaching people how to make mouth-watering dishes in a fun and creative way.

With over 100 video tutorials and brand new video tutorials out once a week, visitors are sure to find lots of material to expand their repertoire of recipes.

Whether you want to learn how to make plantain and egg frittata, golden skillet potatoes or just beef up your skills in making Nigerian style Ogbono soup or Ofe Akwu, Zeelicious Foods provides the right inspiration.

Winifred also shares interesting food tips like, ‘how to make your kitchen smell fresh using natural food ingredients’.

  • SisiYemmieTV: Sisi Yemmie whose real name is Yemisi Odusanya, shares food recipe videos that are created from her experiments in the kitchen.

Her YouTube channel, SisiYemmieTV, is popularly known as the Nigerian food channel with wholesome content that also focuses on lifestyle, relationships and parenting. Visitors to the channel will find food recipes, suggestions about where to eat out in Lagos, vlogs on the Lagos life, being a mum and managing a career.

  • Flo Chinyere: Recipes for delicious meals, trips to Nigerian open markets, how to prepare meals and must-try Nigerian meals are some of the things that you will find on Flo Chinyere’s YouTube channel.

She combines food content with her travel experiences; always informing and entertaining.

  • Chef Lola’s Kitchen: From preparing efo Riro to stuffed savoury Nigerian masa, Chef Lola shares recipes and instructions on how to make delicious dishes.

Her YouTube channel also shows how to bake mouth-wateringly good bakes like white bread, lemon yogurt cake and Chinese hot dog buns.

  • Naija Food Tube: Here you will find delicious Nigerian cuisine and will be guided on how to quickly become a guru at making these meals.

The imagery on this YouTube channel is fabulous. You can learn how to make Nigerian party specials like Nigerian fried rice and party jollof. Also, recipes for Nigerian village food like Nkwobi and Nigerian soups like Afang can be viewed here. The channel also shares recipes for Nigerian breakfast, healthy meal specials and keep-fit diets.

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