Nigerian man in Italy accused of killing an 18 year old Italian girl

Nigerian national Innocent Oseghale has been charged with the murder of Pamela Mastropietro, an 18-year-old whose dismembered body was found Wednesday in two suitcases dumped in the countryside outside Pollenza near Macerata in Marche, Italy.
Oseghale, 29, has also been charged with disposing of a body, judicial sources Oseghale appeared “confused and not very clear” during questioning in which he denied the charges.
He was also alleged to have tried to implicate to other persons, which police have cleared after thorough investigation. He however denied all the charges leveled against him.
Nigerian man in Italy accused of killing an 18 year old girl Lailasnews 1
An autopsy on the body failed to establish cause of death and the relatives of Mastropietro said they were “distraught” about the killing of their daughter.
They said
“we hope justice is swiftly done for the author or authors of this atrocious crime: they are ferocious beasts”.
Any relationship the victim had with the Nigerian national has not been established and it is so unclear why he had committed the gruesome murder on the teenage girl.
Nigerian man in Italy accused of killing an 18 year old girl Lailasnews 2
Carabinieri forensic police found bloodstained clothes belonging to the victim and other blood traces at the suspect’s home. They also found a receipt from a nearby pharmacy where the victim had bought a syringe, they added.
The woman had voluntarily left a drug rehab centre at nearby Corridonia on January 29. Oseghale has a record for drugs offences, police said. He was pinned down by CCTV footage of the area where the suitcases were dumped, and by a foreign national who said he saw him carrying the suitcases there.
Mastropietro is believed to have been killed on the morning of January 30, police said.
The Pars drug rehab community from which she fled said the case highlighted “a tragic underestimation of the drug problem in our country”.
The Corridonia centre said drug legislation in Italy was “inadequate”.


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