Nigerian lady laments after her date refused to pay for her meal at a restaurant

A Nigerian lady simply identified as Jane, has taken to social media to lament over how the man she went on a date with refused paying for her meal.

Taking to social media to narrate her experience, Jane revealed that the man blatantly declined to pay for what she ate, saying he would only settle his own bill.

She revealed that she only requested for a plate of fish pepper soup, grilled chicken, rice and drinks.

The lady shared;

”Went on a date with this guy and he legit told me that he can’t pay for what I ate, who does that???”

She added; ”For those asking what I ate, I ate only one plate of fish pepper soup, grilled chicken, one plate of rice, I took one bottle water and one drink. Is that too much?”

@OtuStephanie1: An Igbo guy I went on a movie date with…..buh it was fine cause I paid for 2 different movies that day, and he paid for his too………when the date was done, I blocked him everywhere. It’s no crime if he tells me to come with my money, imagine I wasn’t with my card.

@EginOfficial: This should have been agreed upon before setting out. What if you don’t have cash on you?

@white_wears: Lol. Why invite her on a date if you can’t pay for her food. Except she ate too much tho. Is it not normal?

@blaqcrystal_: That’s why you need money and you eat what you can pay for, no be every guy get sense

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