Nigerian lady buys hair with money boyfriend gifted her for business

A Nigerian lady allegedly used the huge amount of money given to her to set up a business, to instead buy expensive human hair.

The story was shared by a Twitter user @RemyTwiits who is close friends with the lady’s boyfriend. The tweep said that his friend gave his girlfriend N300,000 as seed capital for business, but she used a chunk of the money that was sent to her to buy “hair” instead.

According to @RemyTwiits, the young lady had been bugging her man about wanting to start a brand but needed funds to kickstart her project and so her man sent N300k but after receiving money, she spent a whopping N250k in buying hair.

When she was confronted about her action, the lady is reported to have said she acquired the hair because “hair is and investment”.

@RemyTwiits shared; ”Females obsession with hair is one thing I can’t understand. A friend of mine sent his babe 300k because he has been hearing her complain about how she wanted to start a brand but she needed money

Guess what? She used 250k out of that money to buy hair.

Hair fam.


when she was confronted she went about saying things like “hair is an investment”

How many % increase are you getting from it please. I’m so confused and concerned and… ahhhhhhhhh”

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