Mother suffocates newborn baby in Sokoto

19-year-old Munirat Bagana, a student of Sokoto State School of Health Technology, Gwadabawa, was arrested on Monday by officers attached to the Sokoto State Police Command, for reportedly suffocating her newborn baby boy.

Mother suffocates newborn baby in Sokoto lailasnews

Munirat, an indigene of Zuru Local Government Area of Kebbi State, however denied killing the newborn baby, claiming that she had a still birth and the dead baby was a premature. However parading the suspect before newsmen, the Sokoto State police command PPRO, ASP Cordelia Nwawe said she would soon be charged after investigation is concluded.

Few weeks ago, a Facebook user  shared a heartbreaking story of a plantain seller who killed her newborn baby boy hours after delivery. Elohoh who reportedly suffocated her baby, is said to be in her late 20s, resides with her mother and siblings at No 1 omohwovo street, Iwhrekpokpo in Ughelli North, Delta State.

Below is the report as posted on Facebook:

Report has it that she put to bed a handsome baby boy late in the evening of Monday, in her house without aid or assistance from neighbor’s or midwife. But the cry of the baby attracted the attention of one of the neighbor’s, who called on others to share the good news. On arrival they saw that the door was locked and Miss Elohoh refused to open the door, but on the persistence of one of her siblings, she opened the door.

The kind hearted neighbor did a marathon in getting some of the needed materials, like cloths and food for the baby and mother since she didn’t buy any. Jubilation was agog with the arrival of the newborn baby boy.

After the celebration, everyone went home leaving Elohoh and one of her siblings at home, since their mom was not home that day, the hopes that they’d check on her the following morning.

Thr following day, the neighbors showed up to see how Elohoh and her baby were doing, only to find out that there was no baby anywhere.

They asked Elohoh about the child and she claimed that the child’s father came late in the night and took the baby away, having noticed that the child was not breathing well.

The neighbors could not believe the story Elohoh gave and decided to interrogate her, she held on to the same story until one of them suggested that they ask her sibling what actually happened to the child.

And now this is the story as told by him. He said late in the night when everyone was gone, Elohor boiled water and forced it on the child to kill him but she ended up scalding the baby’s entire mouth of the day old child.

As If that was not enough, when the child defied death, she took a rag and tied it around the child’s nose and mouth which suffocated the child. When she noticed that the child was dead she took the body and put him in a sack which had trash in it, including plantain peels then gave it to an insane man to throw off early in the morning as refuse.

On hearing this, the whole neighborhood was filled with sadness of this evil act done by this woman. A search was conducted at all the refuse dumps within the area. Finally the corpse of the child was found, with several bruises, confirming what her brother told them.

The woman has been handed over to security agents at B division of the police Force for further investigation.

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