Most popular English songs 2021

We hope you are able to remember 2021 by the amazing and most popular English songs of the year, which left fans thrilled all round.

Last year was really tough for a lot of people, as the world battled with a global pandemic and a lot of people were left uncertain about the future, though 2021 has brought a lot of hope and smile back to the world.

We have seen a lot of top releases across the music world this year, and it sure won’t surprise you that the most popular English songs of the year were not all recorded in England.

Top 6 popular songs 2021 (English songs)

English is spoken in virtually every corner of the globe and it sure is one of the most popular in terms of song recording.

Here is my list of the top 6 most popular songs recorded in English this year;

6. Easy On Me (Adele)

You sure can’t take it from Adele this year. She has blessed loyal fans with another outstanding album and they sure do deserve it as they waited for a while.

5. Lil Nas X – Montero

I don’t know which to give it to, both industry baby and Montero were huge tracks this year, and Lil Nas sure did well on both tracks.

4. Good Days – SZA

In this track, SZA, interprets her past struggles through biblical parables about Jericho, Job and Jesus while continuing to seek her mental paradise and inspiring listeners to find their own.

3. Save Your Tear (The Weeknd x Ariana Grande Remix)

Save Your tears was one of the biggest tracks for 2020, and were surely left puzzled by its commission from the Grammy Awards. Well, a new version of the track was released by The Weeknd and this time, it was in collaboration with no other person than Ariana Grande.

2. Glass Animals – Heat Waves

If you played the popular FIFA game, you sure would have come across this song, and it made huge waves this year, becoming one of the most popular and loved songs of the year.

1. All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)

The song, long considered a classic among her catalog, is from her new re-recorded LP, Red (Taylor’s Version), which concurrently launches at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

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