More shocking details about lady who vomited money after charmed by Yahoo boy in Delta State

More shocking details about the lady who vomited money after charmed by a Yahoo boy in Delta State, has emerged.

More shocking details about lady who vomited money after charmed by Yahoo boy in Delta State lailasnews

According to sources, the lady vomited clean notes of N500 denomination on Sunday in Warri after her panties went missing. A family source who spoke to newsmen, disclosed that the victim (a young lady) complained that her underwear was missing about two weeks ago.

“Suddenly she started getting so restless in the early hours of Sunday morning, complaining of dizziness, body pains, and headache. Before long, she started feeling like throwing up and when we realized the vomiting was becoming inevitable, we brought a basin for her to use.

“But to our greatest surprise, it was Nigerian currency notes that was coming out from her mouth and after vomiting different denominations of N1000 and N500 notes for a while, the vomiting seized and that was the point a pastor resident in the same building came prayed for her.”

The incident caused a graidlock on the major Effurun- Sapele road, and further disrupted the movement of residents who were going to their various churches. It was gathered that it took the timely intervention of armed policemen from Ugborikoko, Eburumede, Enerhen and ‘B Division’ police stations to bring sanity to the area. The lady who vomited money after charmed by a yahoo boy, was reportedly taken away in a police patrol vehicle to an unknown destination.

A Police officer who spoke on the condition of anonymity said:

“We don’t really believe in juju, but this has proved that it works. The development has confirmed that advance fee fraudsters ( yahoo boys ) now use female pants for rituals. People should be careful. We will soon unmask those behind the dastardly act”.

A source who also spoke to Daily Post said;

“She suddenly started vomiting five hundred naira notes on Sunday morning when her husband, Taye Adekunle, raised the alarm at about 3:45am, calling neighbours to come to his aid.

“Recently, Mariam’s panties were stolen by some unidentified ‘Yahoo Boys’ and she raised the alarm that her panties she spread after washing had been stolen. You must already know that this has been a trend in the state in recent times.

“But at about 3:45am, we heard a strange voice of ‘help me o’ from their apartment. The man was calling for help. Many of us could not open our doors until we heard the voices of some vigilante men in the area. When we got there, the saw the lady vomiting N500 notes.

“I would have doubted if I had not seen her myself. We’re all dumbfounded because we don’t know what to do. The N500 notes were coming out one after the other. It was through the effort of the pastor and some residents who were praying for her that she stopped.

“Three weeks ago, she and her husband announced that her pant which was hung in front of their apartment was missing. No one claim to see the pant. We suspect that whoever stole the pant might have used it for ritual purpose since it is the reigning thing”.


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