Married woman and lover get stuck together during sex

A married woman and her lover were publicly embarrassed after they stuck together while having sex.

The incident happened on Wednesday morning in Gulu city, in the Northern Region of Uganda.

Married woman and lover get stuck together during sex

Neigbours gathered to witness the outcome of their shameful act which took place in her matrimonial home on June 16.

A Facebook user, Pai Robins OgwengAkiiki, shared the story, narrating how the pair became worried after engaging in sexual intercourse as their organs could not separate.

All the efforts by the duo to separate from each other proved abortive so they raised an alarm which attracted residents and the police.

They were eventually separated by the woman’s husband after he touched their waists.

The two are now in police custody.

Pai Robins wrote;

“Cheating sexually is bad. #There was drama this morning in Gulu city as a married woman who was having sexual intercourse with another man got stucked like that after they were done with sex,their sexual organs could not seperate but was stucked in that it failed to seperate however much they tried.

They started making alarms that attracted police and locals.It was after the real husband of this woman came and touched their waist, there sexual organs then got separated. the two are now in police custody…i want to be like this woman’s real husband.”

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