Marriage coach slammed for teaching women to ‘protect their husbands from their maids’

Nigerian marriage coach, Bisi Adewale, is receiving some stick on social media after sharing a teaching on how women can protect their husbands from their house maids.

The menace of men going into indiscriminate romantic relationships with their housemaids is common place in our society, and Bisi Adewale took to social media to advice women on how they can protect their husband from the maids.

Social media users weren’t pleased though, as they berated the marriage coach for shifting the blame from the erring husbands to their wives.

What was said by Bisi Adewale?

Taking to his Twitter page @bisiadewale wrote;

1: If your husband is a Hunter dont get maid
2: dont get full breasted house maid
3: if your husband start defending the maid retire her
4: Never employ a maid more beautiful than you
5: Remember Hagar&Sarah

How did people react?

Taking to the reply section, many Nigerians expressed frustration at the post, as they said it didn’t solve the problem. See some reactions gathered by LailasNews below;

@geelayo: The lengths y’all would go to excuse predatory men and not hold them accountable for their actions is something else. So what next will you advice the wife to do? Hide her daughters? Marriage and life coach my a**.

@temitope852: Lmao. I’ll die, be born, die again and be born again before I “protect” a man from another woman. Imagine taking all these precautions just because some guy won’t keep his d*k in his pants. Must be ment. Hagar and Sarah ko, Potiphar and Joseph ni. Mtschww

@iam_darmiebest: All these half-baked Bible scholars, what about Hagar and Sarah? Abraham never thought about her until Sarah persistently told him to go lay with her

@olatundeh_: No single advice for the cheating husband?
How convenient for you

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