Lilian Afegbai slams monitoring spirits, recounts challenges on journey to stardom

Nollywood actress, Lilian Afegbai who clinched her first AMVCA at the event held few weeks ago, has a message for monitoring spirits.

Lilian Afegbai slams monitoring spirits, recounts challenges on journey to stardom lailasnews

The message which came after hitting 108k followers on Instagram, also recounted all she had faced so far in her journey to stardom. Lilian Afegbai wrote;

Dear 108k+
I always say, they do not want 2 support D process but they want 2 be part of D progress and success story.After Big brother I was so depressed, I felt like I asked 4 a game I wasn’t ready to play. I was young, naive and just living life to D best of my knowledge. Then I came out wit little to no one supporting me asides my family and Multichoice. I had no one 2 talk to or run 2 except God, along D way I met a few people who took interest in me, some 4 D wrong reasons others for the right reasons.

I decided 2 pick up D bits nd pieces of what’s left of this puzzle called MY LIFE; I felt like a failure. Long story short, I started acting, producing .yet people would insult me (“I don’t know her, what movie has she acted in?” )I remember working on my 1st production and facing challenges, so much so that I had to ask God questions “ Baba what’s all this? but you said you’ll bless the works of my hands” oya bless it now!! I went to the cinemas everyday to sell tickets myself with D help of few celebrities, how can I forget being pushed by a lady who said she could never watch my movie 😩😩

it was @denrele_edun @kokobykhloe that fought for me that day when the same lady came to ask them for a picture. Well she finally watched it and then apologized, “no problem ma, Na me dey find money” were my exact words to her. Then I won the AMVCA*😂😂** the calls, messages shook me, I asked myself “Na so LIFE be?” Just 2 years ago a guy in D industry asked that i pay to be featured on a magazine cover, but I refused stating that I wuld rather work on my brand till they find me worthy of gracing their cover. Last year I got several calls, still demanding i pay 150k, I still didn’t take the offer.

Just few weeks before AMVCA, Vanguard Allure approached me and asked me to grace their cover and I asked “ Do I have to pay” 🤔 They said No 😳Determined not 2 buy sucess, l’m willing 2 work, pray and wait, 2day l’m Vlogging 🤦🏻‍♀ , yesterday 55 people subscribed to my youtube channel and I have 108k follower on on Instagram. I began 2 question myself; WHO ARE THEY?
Here is the answer I found: they are my 108friends,family nd frenemies. All those monitoring spirit unfollow.

Lilian Afegbai slams monitoring spirits, recounts her journey so far lailasnews 1

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