Lebanese man wants to sell Nigerian lady for $1000 on Facebook

A lady has exposed a man who attempted to sell a Nigerian lady in Lebanon on Facebook for $1000.

Nigerian lady in Lebanon put up for sale on Facebook for $1000

The Lebanese man identified as Wael Jerro had taken to a Facebook Marketplace group to post advert of the lady, whom he claimed was his maid and he intends to dispose her for $1000

The lady identified as Renee Abi Saad took to her Instagram page to make an expository post on the modern slavery case and requested for assistance to rescue the lady.

She wrote:

Dear People, come and see what this human is doing. Selling this Nigerian housekeeping lady for $1000. This is NOT OKAY‼️TRANSLATION: Domestic worker from Nigeria for sale with new legal documents. She’s 30 years old, she’s very active and very clean. Price: 1000$‼️

I have reported to the Nigerian embassy. Please do the same if you know anyone in the Nigerian embassy in Lebanon

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