Lady reveals what will happen if Nigerian girls start using guys for rituals

Nigerian lady shares what will happen if girls start using guys for rituals.

Following accusations that women are being used for money-making rituals by men eager for quick cash, a Nigerian woman has described what she believes will happen if the paradigm is reversed.

She claimed on Twitter that if women in Nigeria begin to engage in fetish behaviors, men will become extinct – she believes this is due to how easy it is for a woman to draw a man into a nest.

On the platform, she wrote,

“Walai if girls start ritual, all the guys for Nigeria go just go. Na just simple come to my house I am alone, naso femi don go”

Her tweet has subsequently gotten a lot of likes and retweets from people who agree with her. Some even shared that there are some ladies who actually do these things and all they have to do is just sleep with the guy and his destiny is gone.

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