Khafi reveals she felt resentment towards Gedoni a week after childbirth

BBNaija star, Khafi, has revealed that she felt resentment towards her husband, Gedoni, few weeks after their first child was born.

She revealed that she and her husband were apart for most of the pregnancy and also during delivery.

Gedoni had issues getting a visa to the UK, whereas, Khafi, who grew up in London, didn’t have such problem.

She said that she resented having to do pregnancy alone and at some point, she feared it was the beginning of the end for them.

She added that for the first week or more after she gave birth on her own, she felt resentful towards her husband.

She said she would see him going out to drink with friends in Nigeria while her body had just gone through the ”worst torture” and she had to raise their child on her own in London.

She explained that this made her feel resentful initially.

She added that she didn’t want to go through pregnancy and raising a child alone after watching what her mother went through. 

They made the revelation via their YouTube channel as they discussed being new parents.

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