iFly Aviation Bursary Application Form – APPLY NOW | Deadline July 31st

iFly Aviation bursary opportunity is here. Read below for application form, how to apply and finance your education in aviation.

iFly Aviation bursary claims they are available especially for those who are practicing aviation courses. It is sponsored by iFly Aviation and the scholarship will be superb for the professional pilot, student pilot, technical School Senior and Undergraduates students who are seeking a career in the aviation, aircraft electronics and transportation technology. It is for South African interested in iFly Aviation skills development and training skills.

Now, determine your eligibility criteria below:

iFly Aviation Bursary Criteria:

  1. Applicant must be a South African citizen.
  2. Applicant must possess Certified Copy of ID (Identity Document)
  3. Applicant must be between ages of 18 to 35
  4. Possess Grade 12/Matric Certificate or higher

Deadline for bursary application is July 31st, 2018

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For more information about iFly Aviation application form, send a mail to iFly Aviation South Africa on contact@iflyaviation.co.za

Reach them via social media:

iFly Aviation on Facebook

iFly Aviation on Twitter

Please note:

Lailasnews.com has NO affiliation with iFly Aviation. At the moment, there’s no working website for iFly Aviation, no contact telephone numbers and I found this strange.

About iFly Aviation

Sipho Mangesi owns aviation company, iFly Aviation where he is helping to ignite the love of flying and aircraft in kids who might never have gotten near an airliner if it wasn’t for him.

According to News24, Sipho was once a poor rural kid from Ngqamakhwe in the Eastern Cape who knew nothing about the winged wonders of engineering that transported people across the globe.

About the moment he fell in love with flying – Sipho was playing outside and saw an airliner high in the sky.

“I was fascinated,” he recalls.

“From then on I would run across the field whenever a plane flew past. My friends and I would tap our mouths with our hands and scream at the plane, sending up wishes to the pilot to bring us goodies when he flies past again.”

Sipho was captivated with how aircraft worked.

“I knew a car had a steering wheel to turn the wheels around but I couldn’t see wheels on a plane up in the sky.”

He made a promise to himself that one day he was going to work with aircraft. He didn’t know how, but he would do it. His dream stayed alive all the way through school and after he’d completed matric he applied to join the South African Air Force.

He underwent various tests and passed with flying colours – but his hopes were quickly dashed. Being in the air force didn’t automatically qualify you to fly aircraft, he discovered. Sipho learnt only a select few did so after many years in the service.

Before long he’d packed his bags and headed back to East London. Then a friend brought him brochures about aviation careers and it reignited the fire inside of him – one day he would fly!

“I looked for a flying school in East London, applied at Border Aviation and started training as a pilot,” he says. His parents agreed to pay the fees, but they were steep – around R400 000 for a two-year course.

Sipho ended up doing the course over four years because his parents kept running out of funds.

“But I refused to give up.”

Sipho thought once he started flying it would come easily to him. But he didn’t foresee one main obstacle: airsickness.

Every time he got inside an airliner in his first few months of training he got sick as a dog.

“I would vomit in the plane,” he says.

“Things got so bad one of my instructors got irritated with me – both for getting airsick all the time and for taking frequent breaks from training because of my financial challenges.

He gave me advice that maybe I should just stop flying and go and be a politician.”

Sipho refused to listen. He carried on fighting to fulfill his dream, and today the 26-year-old is inspiring young would-be pilots to dream big too.

“I sometimes wonder what would’ve happened to me if I’d listened to my instructor.”

He managed to overcome his airsickness, qualified as a pilot and is now working on getting enough flying experience, logging in hours and polishing his skills.

The determined young pilot registered his company last year with qualified pilot Derrick Nzeko. He now uses the aircraft owned by the company to teach young children from disadvantaged backgrounds all about flying aircraft.


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