Identical twins undergo double sex change surgery

A set of identical twins from Brazil, Mayla Phoebe de Rezende and Sofia Albuquerck, 19, have become the 1st set of twins in the world to undergo a sex change surgery.

Identical twins undergo double sex change surgery

They underwent the five-hour surgery one day apart at the Transgender Center Brazil, a clinic in the southeastern Brazilian city of Blumenau on 13 and 14 February.

The 19-year-old twins, who grew up in a small town in southeastern Brazil, both say they “never identified as boys.”

Now, they have made the transition they long dreamed of together, in what their doctor calls a first.

“This is the only reported case in the world” of twins who were presumed to be male at birth undergoing female gender confirmation surgery together, said Dr Jose Carlos Martins of the Transgender Center Brazil, a clinic in the southeastern city of Blumenau.

Martins performed the five-hour surgery on the twins one day apart.

A week later, the euphoric young women smiled, joked and shed tears as they talked about their shared journey in a video-conference interview with AFP.

“I always loved my body, but I didn’t like my genitalia,” said Mayla Rezende, a brunette who is studying medicine in Argentina.

“I would blow dandelion seeds into the air and wish for God to turn me into a girl,” she said.

When she saw herself after her surgery, she wept, she said.

Mayla, who has been pictured in her bikini since the surgery, told local media of her happiness with her new body.

‘Before being sedated in hospital, I still couldn’t believe my dream was being fulfilled.

‘When I woke up, I couldn’t believe it. It’s something that’s still sinking in. I no longer feel that discomfort when lying or sitting down. It’s a wonderful thing.’

She added: ‘My first shower after being discharged was magical.’

Her sister, Sofia Albuquerck, is more reserved.

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