“I will never forget how many prayed I don’t win” – Burna Boy says

Nigerian singer Burna Boy has taken to Twitter to shade those who did not want him to win a Grammy.

The singer won his first Grammy on Sunday night, March 14, for the Best Global Music Album.

However, he revealed that he achieved everything on his own and his kids will beat their chest some day and say, ‘Daddy did it on his own”.

He tweeted: ‘My kids will confidently beat their chest and say “Daddy did it on his OWN, We can do it on our own”.’

He added: ‘When you KNOW yourself. NOBODY can tell you about yourself. KNOW YOURSELVES and never go against yourself.’

‘GOD is most definitely NOT A MAN. I will never forget how so many of you prayed that I don’t win. too dumb to understand that you also win if I win. No worry This is just the beginning. God is Great.’


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