I miss my ex lover – Eva Alordiah

Nigerian rapper, Eva Alordiah, has revealed that she still misses her ex lover, Caesar Ume-Ezeoke as she is yet to get over him.

Eva mysteriously broke up with him 15-months after he proposed to her while she was performing on stage at the 2016 Headies Awards.

I miss my ex lover - Eva Alordiah lailasnews

She made this known in a recent video she posted on her Instagram. She said;

“I pretend that I’m over you, ignoring reality and imprisoning my feelings until I’m feeling nothing new. It’s like these wounds have become scars and the pain never goes away. I’m used to saying you were the one for me and that’s the subconscious trap I got myself in.

Now, I know I’ve to set myself free. It shouldn’t hurt this bad if it was meant to be; mentally, it’s just so much pressure. I wish you wouldn’t be telling me that I was special then turn around and treat me like I was something that you had to get rid of; like a bad itch that’s hard to reach.

I really must have pissed you off. I swore I won’t be calling you, that I’ll leave you alone. A couple of weeks’ passed now and I’m picking the phone, hanging on to the dial tone because you never pick up and when you finally do, you say you’re busy, you’ll call me right back, but you never do. So I’m right back to square one again, trying to get over you again.

I hate myself now for putting myself out. I know I must let you go because if I keep holding on then I might never know what life has got in store. Maybe, something more. I miss you, and as simply as it can be said that’s the whole truth.”

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