”I cannot have a sugar daddy and be driving Honda” – Uriel Oputa says after Igalo’s wife Sophia allegedly threw shade at her

Reality star Uriel has reacted after she was accused of sleeping wit married man following a controversial post made by footballer wife, Sonia Ighalo.

In an Instagram post which has now been deleted, Sonia threw shade at a certain female celebrity who claims people are sending DMs to her ex. She also accused the female celebrity of sleeping with a married footballer while commenting and trying to be friendly with his wife on social media.

She also added in her post that nobody DM the certain female celebrity’s ex on social media.

Sonia’s post came hours after Uriel shared a post on her own IG page saying that women have flooded her ex-boyfriend’s DM after she shared his handle on her IG page.

This led to fans insinuating that Sonia’s post was directed at Uriel. They tagged the ex-reality TV star multiple times, calling her attention to the shade.


Reacting to the post, Uriel said she has never collected anything from any man and that if she has a sugar daddy, she wouldn’t be driving a Honda Crosstour.

She said; “After I left Big Brother House five years ago, I can count how many people that have come saying they want to buy me a better house or a better car? Do you know the kind of car i drive? I drive a Honda Crosstour.

When I tell you I don’t have sugar daddy. I will not allow anyone ruin my name”

”I will say it with my full chest, no man has ever given me one thing.

Do not try me, legit money. I cannot be having sugar daddy ad driving a Crosstour”

Watch her reaction below.


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