How Oge was assigned a fake name in sex for grades documentary

A fresh report has detailed how Oge Obi was credited with a fake name in the Sex For Grades documentary, due to internal politics.

Rather than mention her name in the section of the closing credits, a pseudonym, “Kemi Alabi”, was credited.

How Oge was assigned a fake name in sex for grades documentary

Traumatised reporter, Ogechi Obidiebube, attempted to take her life on Sunday by taking a poisonous substance.

According to reports by her friend @joshbillz who reached out to her after she posted a distressing video, he revealed that Oge had indeed committed suicide.

He revealed that Oge has been rushed to the hospital after she was found lifeless and two bottles of sniper was found in her room. He also stated that they had to break the door in other to get inside the room.

Her friends reportedly took her to two different hospitals which rejected her before she was taken to a general hospital.

A fresh report by PREMIUM TIMES, has now shed lights on how Ms Obidiebube was assigned a pseudonym.

The report read;

“While the documentary was being edited, Ms Ogunseye suddenly approached the producers, demanding that Ms Obidiebube’s input be removed from the documentary.

When asked the reason for her demand, Ms Ogunseye reportedly explained that she was suspicious that the reporter might be psychologically incapable of withstanding the backlash that might trail the release of the film.

Some sources, current and former staffers, said the producers told Ms Ogunseye that if Ms Obidiebube’s inputs are removed, the documentary would lose substantial value and might not even trigger an impact.

Upon entreaties by the producers and insistence that the reporter’s contributions were too vital to be expunged, Ms Ogunseye pushed the option of a pseudonym for Ms Obidiebube. It should be noted that Ms Obidiebube works with the pidgin service, which Ms Ogunseye supervises, hence her influence in the reporter’s case.

Insiders say Ms Ogunseye’s position was initially countered by some production staff who saw no wrong in proper crediting of Ms Obidiebube, but that she stood her ground.

After Ms Ogunseye insisted, our sources said, the lot then fell on the then head of the pidgin service, Adejuwon Soyinka, to diplomatically explain the decision to the reporter. Mr Soyinka then told Ms Obidiebube that the BBC was concerned that if her role in the documentary became public, her sister studying at UNILAG could be targeted and mistreated by angry lecturers.

Ms Obidiebube was said to have protested the removal of her name and the assignment of a pseudonym to her. To pacify her, she was given a letter of commendation, praising her work for the documentary.”

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