How I was raped by my ex-boyfriend and spiritual leader – Bambam

Reality TV star Bambam has waded into the rape conversation after Busola Dakolo opened up on how COZA Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo raped her as a teenager.

How I was raped by my ex-boyfriend and spiritual leader – Bambam

In her reaction, Bambam also revealed that she had been raped before and just like Busola, the alleged evil act was perpetuated by a spiritual leader and an ex-boyfriend of hers.

She however stated that she found healing in another man.

She tweeted;

My heart has been heavy since this rape situation started. Like I feel physical pains in my heart. I’ve been truly sad and have never wished that justice be truly served to these heartless! insensitive! brutal! unrepentant rapists!!! Cos I have been there, I know what it does to the mind and self esteem of the victim. It was with an ex boyfriend and a spiritual leader I trusted. Took me meeting another man who saw me for me before I healed completely. Sadly I couldn’t end up with him, but God used him.

Be kind to women, some men have been raped too. Truly be kind to people, you don’t know what true love and true transfer of kindness love and light can do to another person. I’m in tears as I type cos it hurts really bad just remembering and knowing how victims feel. Cos when you take the body of another without their consent you mentally scar them too! Yo! I trust God and want to trust the law to do the needful!

I tried not to relate this to my personal self but when you hear experiences you lived, you become restless, memories hunt you. I have been refreshing all the updates on the movement/protest for tomorrow. Something in my head keeps ringing would justice be served this time? Another is hoping and praying that it is truly SERVED rightly! I cannot overemphasize how a win for Busola will be victory for all! Lord help us all. Such a sick perverted generation.

For the longest I didn’t realise I haven’t fully healed and mentally/emotionally dealt with what those events did to me. I repressed them. Repressed the memories shared with no one. It’s important to surround yourself with kind people who listen and understand you. It helps to heal properly. And please don’t repress, prayerfully talk to the right people. I look forward to Nigeria having a functional rehabilitation center for victims of rape.


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