God is so foolish – Nigerian lady says on Facebook

A young Nigerian lady, Mhiz Becca is currently trending on Facebook for all the wrong reasons. She in her Facebook post insulted God and called him Foolish.

According to Mhiz Becca, God has not been able to kill Satan, whom she believes is the root of all problems in the world. Instead God kills His own children and didn’t deem it fit to protect them from the devil. In her own opinion, she believes God is extremely foolish for allowing all the evils happen. She even went further to use the F-word against God.

God is so foolish - Nigerian lady says on Facebook Lailasnews 2

She wrote;

F*ck God how can you b God nd u cannot kill Satan d devil dat’s causing evil nd u went to kill ur own child??? That’s foolishness

In as much as everyone is entitled to their opinion. Do you think this Mhiz Becca has taken it beyond the acceptable level of reacting to God’s interference in the affairs of man? She didn’t go free as some of her followers on Facebook reacted to her post and some felt she just needed to get the attention to herself. Not like she meant what she actually posted.

God is so foolish - Nigerian lady says on Facebook Lailasnews 1

See some reactions below;

DesMart CapaLii God is really a merciful God….Our God is not God that kill he could have killed you before u said everything out…..but try Buhari dem God them go come ur house burn ur community…..Thank you Jesus am serving a living God
Standard Boss Even prostitutes wanna be noticed. God don’t have your time okay? So,just get the momental fame you want while waiting for the wrath of God open you.

Adeniran Sulaimon Nowadays it’s easier to know girls whose destinies has been used by yahoo boys , this girl u are seeing is an example of one….

Innocent Ulari Even this one dat looks like expired fufu wants to trend too?

I think the federal government should select some idiots like dis and use for money rituals to boost the economy…


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