Gmail 502 error, Google error 502 happening now: What to do

Gmail 502 error, Google error 502 happening right now simply means your mail, google account is temporarily unavailable. Here’s how to fix it.

Gmail 502 error, Google error 502 lailasnews

Google users all over the world are right now experiencing a 502 errors, error 502 when they try to log into their gmail accounts, Adsense, Youtube accounts.

I personally tried to log into my accounts but I can’t access them. I initially got this message asking me to clear cache and cookies:

Unable to sign in to your Google Account: Delete cookies
If you’re sent to this page after trying to sign in to your Google Account, clear your browser’s cache and cookies, then try again.

Cookies, which are files created by websites you’ve visited, and your browser’s cache, which helps pages load faster, make it easier for you to browse the web.

Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies means that website settings (like usernames and passwords) will be deleted and some sites might appear to be a little slower because all of the images have to be loaded again.

How to clear cache and cookies
Google Chrome
Other browsers

Tip: If web pages aren’t displaying correctly, you can try using your browser’s incognito or “private browsing” mode to see if the problem is caused by something other than cache or cookies.

Google uses cookies to improve the quality of our service. For more information about how we use cookies, check our Privacy Policy.

And after I did all that, I got this new message instead:

“502. That’s an error. The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request. Please try again in 30 seconds. That’s all we know.”

These error 502 usually happen due to poor IP communication between servers. There have been a number of previous occasions when Google users encountered these similar errors.

Gmail 502 error, Google error 502: How to fix:

Google‘s support page says this about how to fix 502 errors:

Whenever you’re see a ‘Temporary Error (502)’ message when you try to sign in to Gmail, it means that your mail is temporarily unavailable.

These errors generally resolve themselves within a few minutes, so please wait a bit before trying to log in again.”

I am patiently waiting and will try logging in again in a few hours.

How is it at your end?


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