FFK kicks as Miyetti Allah calls for establishment of Fulani vigilantes in the South East

Former Aviation Minister has opposed the call by the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, MACBAN, for the establishment of Fulani Youth Vigilante body within their host comminuties in the South East.

The group at a press conference in Abuja said forming a Fulani vigilante in the South East would help to stop the killings in the region that are mostly attributed to herdsmen. The group added that the Fulani Youth Vigilant body will be working with the security, the neighborhood watch or vigilante to ensure security in all communities that host them and their cattle.

However, the former Aviation Minister says this is not an idea that should be welcomed by the South East. Reacting via his Twitter handle, the former Minister said

”The biggest mistake the Igbo can make is to allow Fulani herdsmen to form their own militias and armed groups anywhere in the east. This is not about politics: it is about survival. It is like allowing vicious and hungry wolves into the lamb pen. The result is predictable.

Now you know why IPOB was proscribed and why they are equally terrified of OPC and YOLICOM. Every single Fulani terrorist herdsman in the south should be disarmed and expelled. Instead of asking for their own armed militia they should be asking for a oneway ticket back to Arewa.


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