Elisha Abbo Sex Toy: Banky W calls for arrest of Senator assaulting lady

Elisha Abbo Sex Toy: Banky W has called for the arrest of Senator Elisha Abbo who was caught on Camera assaulting a woman in a sex toy shop in Abuja.

Elisha Abbo Sex Toy: Banky W calls for arrest of Senator assaulting lady

In the video released by Premium Times, which has since gone viral on social media, the young senator was seen beating a woman whom he claimed had called him a drunk man.

While reacting to the incident, Banky W called for the resignation of the Senator and also his arrest.

He wrote on social media:

I’ve been saying that we need to pay attention to who we let into our National Assembly. Now we have CCTV footage of a SITTING SENATOR physically assaulting a woman in an adult toy store in Abuja, IN THE PRESENCE OF A POLICE OFFICER. Her only “crime” was saying “Oga take it easy” when he got aggressive with her female store owner friend. For that, he slapped her multiple times, and then made his policemen arrest her. This is an absolute disgrace. Pls repost and share until our Police force agree to #ArrestSenatorElishaAbbo – he must face the full wrath of the law.

This is what happens when we don’t pay attention to the people we let into our leadership roles.

This is what happens when we have a culture that subconsciously treats our women as second class citizens.

We have a lot to unlearn as a country.. about how we select/allow leaders AND about the way we treat our women. We must do better. We must be better.

#SenatorStepDown #ShameonElishaAbbo


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