Editi Effiòng attacked by armed hoodlums in Lagos

Editi Effiòng has revealed that he was earlier attacked by armed hoodlums in Lagos state, as he decried the high rate of violent state in the business hub.

Area boys (also known as Agberos) are loosely organized gangs of street children and teenagers, composed mostly of males, who roam the streets of major cities in Nigeria, including Lagos, Ibadan, Onitsha, Aba and others.

Taking to Twitter, Editi Effiòng revealed that he was attacked by a group of area boys who rained stones and bottles on his team.

He also said another tried to stab him with a weapon, though he was able to defend himself and disarm the area boy.

Editi Effiòng wrote;

A group of area boys attacked my team an hour ago, rained stones and bottles on us.

While trying to calm things down, one of them tried to stab me with a pair of scissors. Had to fight and disarm him.

Yeah, this is the megacity of Lagos.

I’m fine. I can handle myself in a street fight, but watching a guy, who moments earlier was asking for money, try to end my life…I have no words.

There were mixed reactions to his post, as some mocked him for defending himself while others showed concern, see some reactions below;

@mmayomi: Go back to Akwa Ibom then. A far better place

@versatile_val: If area boy’s and thuggery doesn’t destory lagos….. surviving lagos 101. Casted Mega City. Lagosian are not ready for this talk. Eko ni baje o!

@BOGbadamosi: I do. Thank God he had the strength and presence of mind to defend himself!

@Iwuchukwugozie: Street credibility. I love it whenever someone rights the wrong impression that “area boys” bear the monopoly of violence. Nice 1 bro.

@iamSwaga01: Just imagine this. Lagos state is now full of hoodlums in every books and crannies. And the government isn’t doing anything massive about this . These boys plate on virtually every bridge you can think of. Lagos need more men in the RRS to monitor traffic situation in the city

Omojuwa: Thank God for life. Please stay safe bro. We have come to accept madness as the norm, else, no way we take these gangs as part of what it means to live in a supposed mega city.

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