Driver rapes and impregnates his employer’s daughter in Delta state

A Nigerian driver, Friday, who works with the chairman of the Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (DESOPADEC), has been arrested for raping and impregnating his employer’s daughter in Delta state.

Driver rapes and impregnates his employer's daughter in Delta state lailasnews

The drivers whose job description includes driving his employer’s children had easy access to the house and kids, and on one occasion went to the house to pick his employer’s daughter and met her bathing. He waited for 13-year-old girl to come out of the bathroom and, when she did, he forcefully grabbed and raped her.

While the driver’s employer’s daughter got pregnant after she was raped by him, he was immediately sacked and arrested by the police for his crimes. Sapele Oghenek gathered that people are now pleading for the release of the driver, claiming that he has learnt his lesson now since he has been sacked and forced to spend time in prison.

The report in pidgin reads;



(Pity Him or Face The Law?).

The purpose of media na to source for information and disemminate informations from d environment and anybody wey nor fit cope,go avoid wetin dey bad,becos na the right of the general public to know wetin dey happen around the Community and Environment.

Mr Friday leave e driving job,wey dey put food for e table,e free money,wey e dey also get as Desopadec driver,just becos dem assign am to dey carry the commission Chairman children,take e time plan and carry out evil practice,against he own friend,wey invite am into the Job,due to say the families dey free with am and during when e go pick e friend pikin. E come jam the pikin dey bath,so e wait for the pikin to come out from bathroom and grab her. Then forcelly rape the minor,wey lead to pregnancy.

My dear people of Sapele. E good make we see or hear this thing then keep am secret? Becos some person’s dey vex for wetin nor concern them,abi dem wan leave deir work,come do our media work we nor know.

Since them arrest this man,we dey look forward to the dicision of the complainant and the pikin father,as we expect them to charge the case to Court,to allow the law takes it full course but some person’s dey also dey beg for Mr Friday to walk away,since them don arrest am and e don realize e mistakes and also lost e jobs.

As a result of this issue,we also find out say the little girl na very calm and gentle girl from a gentle and responsible family,as her elder sister,wey dey University share tears becos she wey dey higher institution na still virgin,then why this her Papa friend,come snatch her younger sister virginity forcefully.

According to some scholars,them fault the situation but call for peace to reign between all parties,becos the deed has been done but the general public,suppose dey extra careful with the likes of Mr Friday and others wey fall into this category of abusing minors.

Driver rapes and impregnates his employer's daughter in Delta state lailasnews 1

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