Doctor narrates how a friend in Finland cried after doctors hits patients in search for veins in Nigeria

A Nigeria doctor has narrated how he discovered that the method used by some doctors/nurses in the country to search for patients veins is outdated.

The Doctor with username @drpenking shared story of how his Finland friend cried after he told her that patients’ hand is often slapped to enable a doctor find their vein,

He explained that he was speaking to his female friend in Finland about slapping patients to find their veins and the woman started sobbing, asking why patients who are already sick should have to receive slaps.

The woman then educated him on how vein finder is used for easily dictation a person’s vein to avoid slapping the patients’ hand multiple them in search of vein.

Blaming Nigeria do his ignorance, the doctor said ; “”My country has made the abnormal seem normal for me. My country has ruined me.”

Read his tweet below.


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