“Do not let 25M change you” MC Galaxy slams BBNaija winner Miracle

Nigerian musician, MC Galaxy called out BBNaija: Double Wahala winner, Miracle on Twitter for not showing gratitude to to millionaire E-Money who supported him financially during the show.

"Do not let 25M change you" MC Galaxy to BBNaija winner Miracle Lailasnews 3

According to MC Galaxy, he begged E-Money to support Miracle when the BBNaija reality show was on.

He stated that E-Money had given miracle’s family close to 1M Naira to help Miracle get the needed votes to win.

"Do not let 25M change you" MC Galaxy to BBNaija winner Miracle Lailasnews 1

To the surprise of MC Galaxy, who also claims that he defended Miracle while he was in the house and loved him for his “humility”, Miracle has chosen not to call or text E-Money to show gratitude for the money that was given to his family.

MC Galaxy also made it clear that he is not angry at Miracle but doesn’t want him to “change…humility is the key”

Here is what he said:

“In this life, there’s a reason why people don’t like to help others. My friend @FlyBoyMiracle I loved you from the moment I saw your humility and the way you treated Nina during #BBNaija. I fought those that abused you for being boring and not entertaining enough
I am writing not because I am mad at you but because you haven’t been smart enough to send even a simple SMS not to me, because I don’t really care, but to E Money who I begged to support you and he ended up giving your family close to 1M naira to get you votes.
I spoke with him few days ago and was disappointed to learn that you didn’t bother to call or even text to appreciate his kindness
Do not let 25M change you from the ‘humble’ Miracle we saw during the show. It’s just a small money my brother. Humility IS THE KEY. Call E-money to appreciate him. He’s someone I respect so much. As for me, people like you cannot stop me from helping others…No hard feelings.”

"Do not let 25M change you" MC Galaxy to BBNaija winner Miracle Lailasnews 4


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