TV host, Bolanle Olukanmi slams Nigerians over Oge Okoye’s visit to Pastor Lukau

TV host, Bolanle Olukanmi has slammed all those making mockery of actress Oge Okoye for visiting South African pastor, Alph Lukau.

Bolanle Olukanmi slams Nigerians over Oge Okoye's visit to Pastor Lukau

A video shot long ago which shows the actress allegedly undergoing deliverance at the pastor’s church surfaced again just few weeks after the pastor was involved in a controversial resurrection miracle.

The video which is currently viral has seen many Nigerians mocking and slamming the actress with claims that she was either playing an act or gullible to be getting delivered by Lukau.

Reacting to the backlash the actress is receiving on social media, Bolanle Olukanmi wrote:

“Oge Okoye is currently trending on Twitter Naija, and people are slamming her for going to pastor Alph’s even after seeing the resurrection charade.

“But, the truth about that video is that Oge went to the church before the whole resurrection saga.

“All of you that are making fun of Oge Okoye , I pray you are never in a situation so dire or desperate and in your despair the world mocks you instead of empathise with you.
She is obviously going through something and yet everyone is on here shouting that she is acting. Bruv. Did you wake up today with your heart. Haba.”



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