Blasphemy: Buhari’s daughter advice Muslims against taking matters into their hands

In reaction to the killing of Deborah Samuel, the daughter of President Buhari has advised Muslims on how to react to people who insult the Prophet.

Zahra Buhari-Indimi took to social media to share a video of Saudi Islamic scholar, Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem.

In the video, the cleric who is said to be one of the prominent propagators of Islam in English in Saudi Arabia. teaches Muslims how to respond to people who insult the Prophet.

Sheikh Al-Hakeem said people should not take matters into their own hands when someone insults the prophet.

“This depends if you are in a Muslim country. This is a major offence that requires the intervention of the Muslim ruler. You simply report these individuals to the court or to the Muslim ruler,” he said.

“It’s the duty of the Muslim ruler to execute after going through the legistrative processes and going in front of panel of judges.

“You must not take matters into your own hands because this will turn the community into a jungle.” he added.

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