#BBNaija: ‘My family is cool with my behaviour on Big Brother Naija’ -Cee-C

Nigerian reality show star, Cee-C sat for a chat with Tofarati Ige and she talked about her behaviour, what her family has said since she arrived Nigeria from the show, how she auditioned for Big Brother Naija and many other things.

'My family is cool with my behaviour on Big Brother Naija' -Cee-C lailasnews

According to Cee-C she was just being herself on the show, and everything viewers saw on the show is actually who she is.

Here are excerpts from the interview with Cee-C;

When did you decide to participate in Big Brother Naija?

A few weeks after I saw the advert on Instagram, I decided to attend the audition and I was successful.

Did you share your plans to participate in the reality show with your family?

No, I did not tell anybody.

How did they react when they found out you were going to be a housemate?

They know I have always wanted to be on TV, so they were not surprised about my decision. The fact that I made it into the house despite the large number of people that auditioned also impressed them.

What are some of the most important lessons you took away from the Big Brother House?

I learnt to live and let live. Also, adversities are opportunities for you to shine, so make the best of it.

If you were to go back into the house, what would you do differently?

I think I would be an older version of myself; this means I would be more mature.

Was your attitude part of your strategy to win the game?

I am always myself. Everything you saw in the house was real.

What do you regret doing while in the house?

I don’t have any regrets.

What’s the next stage for you?

This is a new environment, so I am trying to get used to it. I’m looking at the opportunities I have to know the ones to go for and make money. I hope to act and I’m also a music artiste.

Were you in a relationship before the competition?

No, I wasn’t and I never thought of finding love while in the house. I was there to play a game and I planned to do whatever it took to win.

If you could date one person in the house, who would it be?

Nobody. I wasn’t attracted to anybody in the house. As regards the kind of man I like, the God factor is very important. It also has to be someone who understands and loves me deeply.

You were reportedly mobbed at the airport when you got back to Nigeria. How was the experience?

We had just come out of the house and I didn’t know what to expect. We were just in the house doing our thing; we didn’t even know if people really watched us. However, the reception was overwhelming and I felt loved. It felt good seeing so many people rushing to say hi. As for the attack on me, when you have a large crowd, such a thing is inevitable; I think it was a mistake.

People are insisting that you knew Ebuka before the competition. What is your reaction to that?

I would rather not talk about that please.

What’s the greatest misconception that people have about you?

People think I’m a bitter person and I don’t even know what that means. I am not a bitter person in any way.

If you had won the competition, what were you planning to do with the prize money?

I would have used it to finance my MBA and film school education; I still plan to do that anyway.

How would you describe your personality?

I think I am a very strong person.

What’s the reaction of your family to your behaviour in the house?

They were happy to see me. They have not told me that they were not happy with anything I did in the house.

You shared a kiss with Tobi in the house. How did it feel?

I don’t want to answer this question too.

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