The prestigious NLNG’s Award which takes place every October has been hosted this year with a lot to talk about. It came with a whooping sum of $100,000 for Nigeria prize for Literature, a $100,000 prize for Science and N1,000,000 for Literary Criticism.

The yearly event which was altered by the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 resumed its duties this year. Professor Alfred Akpoveta Susu who is the Chairman of the Advisory board of the prize had some few things to say about the event this year. She mentioned that due to the Covid-19 which affected the event last year, the theme for last year “Innovations in Sustainable Food Security” was carried over to this year and that was the basis of the 49 entries that were carefully selected for this year’s prize.

These entries were received and scrutinized electronically across the globe by the panel of judges which was chaired by Professor Patrick Ngoddy; a Professor of Food Engineering and Processing.

He was assisted by other members of the panel which included Professor Yusu Abubakar and Professor Oyebiodun Longe.

Professor Patrick Ngoddy assured all that the received entries will be seriously examined and delivered based on the terms of reference in which they operate on.

A highly recognized speaker at the event; NLNG’s General Manager for External Relations and Sustainable development, Mrs Eyon Fatayi-Williams, said NLNG was excited about the event returning after the Covid break. She stated that the accelerated development of Covid-19 vaccines shows the need to maximize utilisation of science in solving human problems and that the act of seeking solutions to the problem posed in Nigeria were the reason The Nigeria Prize for science was established.

This was in line with the goals and visions for helping to build a better Nigeria. Explaining further, she said;

“With foresight, we established the prize money and over challenging years, we modified it and opened it to all, irrespective of nationality just to spur science in the country”.

“We have ensured that entries are focussed on solving Nigeria’s problems. It does not matter who finds solutions to the Nigerian problems. All that counts is that it helps to build a better Nigeria, in line with our Company’s vision.

We must take action now”, she reiterated. On giving out this award, NLNG believes that The Nigeria Prize for Science (worth $100,000 in prize money) will provide leaders with answers to crucial issues in development; improve the standards of living and re-energize the scientific community to seek solutions to national problems.

Author Cheluchi Onyemelukwe- Onuobia was announced as the winner of the $100,000 NLNG Literature prize for 2021. Ms Onyemelukwe-Onuobia’s novel, The Son of the House, was announced the winner at the ceremony Saturday night after the list was shortlisted to 11 authors in the early stages in July.

Speaking on the 11 selected list, the judges stated that there has been a visible improvement in writing skills and commended Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas, NLNG, (founder and sponsors of the prize), for giving writers the platform to blossom and experiment. Here are some of the pictures of the NLNG Prize event 2021;

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